How to use Facebook chat with Pidgin

Pidgin is the default chat client of many Linux distros like Mint, Fuduntu, Solus ... It supports many protocols, like Yahoo, Google, MSN and of course, Facebook. Here is how you set up and use facebook chat with Pidgin:

Open Pidgin, then click Manage Accounts on the top menu bar:

how to facebook chat with pidgin

On the Manage Accounts dialog box, click "Add":

pidgin facebook chat how to

Click on the protocols list, you will see 2 options for Facebook. However, only the second one, Facebook (XMPP), works:

chat facebook on pidgin

And you will have the Add account window:

facebook chat on pidgin

Here is how you complete the info sections:

- For the username section, you enter the username of your Facebook page, which is the ending part of your Facebook profile url. For example, if your Facebook profile url is:  

Then the user name is "your-usrname"

- Use your Facebook password for the password section

- You should also check "Remember Password" so you can auto-login next time. Also create the local alias, which will appear as your name in the chat box.

After everything is done, click the "Add" button and you can chat with your Facebook friends with Pidgin from now.

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