Meet Mantis, a 2-ton robot with a Linux brain

If you have read the article about 8 awesome things created with Raspberry Pi, I believe you will love the spider robot, Charlotte. But today, I stumbled upon a very cool video on Youtube about another robot, Mantis. Compared to Charlotte, Mantis is way bigger, taller and can do more awesome things. And of course, as the article title suggests, it is controlled by a PC/104 module stack running embedded Linux.

The creator of Mantis is Matt Denton, who has a passion for special effects and animatronics for many years. And in case you dont know, he also supervised creature performance systems” used to produce numerous animatronic characters in the Harry Potter series, including Voldemort, Fawkes, Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, the Werewolf, dragons, a hexapod walking creature, and underwater dummies and fish.

Matt first introduced Mantis in 2008 but it was smaller then. But then he came up with the idea of building a giant hexapod robot, which could be remotely piloted wirelessly, or driven directly from an on-board seat.

Then from 2009 to 2012 with a lot of designing, building, and testing, the current working version of Mantis finally came to life last summer. Here are some images of Mantis in live action:

mantis linux robot

Mantis Hexapod Walking Machine

Mantis Hexapod

And here is the said video on youtube about Mantis:

Here is the specs of Mantis, or Mantis Hexapod Walking Machine as full name:

- Weight: 1.8 tons
- Height: 2.8 meters
- Power pack: 2.2 liter turbo diesel
- Top speed:  ~ 1km/ h
- Working envelope: 5 meters
- Piloted from on-board, or remotely driven via a WiFi link
- Controlled by an embedded Linux PC

 About the Linux brain of Mantis:

The brain of Mantis is the HexEngine (HE) box containing the HexaPod’s core engine control system. It will receive commands from the Operator Interface and send back the feedback. The Operator Interface is run on Windows CE though. The HE also transmits commands to various other HexaPod systems using Ethernet and WiFi.

 Anyway, thats the best description I can make since everything here is way beyond my level of knowledge and comprehension. To read more about Mantis, you can directly check the official website of Micromagic System
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