Nvidia's 3D Tegra driver now open sourced

Seems after getting the middle finger from Linus Torvalds for its hardware support and lack of open-source drivers, Nvidia has started to care more about the Linux users. Most recently, the GPU manufacturer has open-sourced its 3D Tegra driver code.

A series of code updates was released by developers from Avionics Designs, a partner of Nvidia. This code update will allow drivers for Linux systems running the Tegra system to take advantages of the Nvidia's platform's 3D capabilities. And it will be made available in a series of three patches available through GitHub, according to Thierry Reding from Avionics Designs.

He also wrote: " This small series of patches adds support for the 3D engine found on Nvidia Tegra SoCs"

"A couple of things still need to be done before this can be merged, though"

Anyway, this is a really good news for the Linux community. Last year, in a public conference, Linus Torvalds called Nvidia "the single worst company" and gave a middle finder. With its current efforts, perhaps Nvidia deserves a praise from the Linux community now.
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