One thing to edit in Fuduntu 2013.2

From the gnome menu in Fuduntu 2013.2, if you go to Applications > System Tools, you will see 2 options to launch Cairo Dock with and without OpenGL.

cairo dock fuduntu

 However, there are two issues with these two options.

First, although the two options are supposed to launch Cairo Dock with different backends, they actually act the same. If you click on any of the two options, you will get the same dialog box asking you if you want to enable OpenGL for Cairo Dock:

I checked the commands used for these options and it turned out that the wrong options are used for the commands. The right option to enable OpenGL is "-o" instead of "-A", and the right option to launch Cairo Dock without OpenGL is "-c". By using these two options, the dialog box wont appear to ask you if you want to enable OpenGL.

The second issue is that, if you click any of the two options, a new Cairo Dock will be launched, overlapping the old one and it will eat up your computer's memory.

The solution

Fixing these 2 problems is actually very easy, you just need to change the commands used for the two options in the menu.

The first step is create two simple scripts to launch Cairo Dock with and without OpenGL. Just create two blank scripts with gedit, for the one that launches Cairo Dock without OpenGL, use the following line:
 pkill cairo-dock && cairo-dock -c  

And for the script that launches Cairo Dock with OpenGL, you use this line:
 pkill cairo-dock && cairo-dock -o  

Then save these two scripts in some folder and make them executable with this command:
 sudo chmod +x name-of-script-1 name-of-script2  

The next step is edit the commands. Right click on the gnome menu, you will see the "Edit Menus" option. Click on it and a new window will appear for you to edit the Menu. Scroll down to System Tools and you will see the options to edit. Right click on in and you will see the Properties option to edit the command. On the Launcher Properties window, in the Command box, browse to the script you just created in the first step (make sure you select the right script for each option) and then hit "Close:

And everything is done. From now, when you click on the options to launch Cairo Dock with or without OpenGL, it will be launched immediately without any dialog box and duplicating dock.
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