Some useful Chrome links

To change the settings and access certain features of Chrome / Chromium, the common way is click the Wrench icon at the top right corner. However, Chrome/ Chromium has many other features that arent available in the menu. You can access these features only by using the chrome:// links.

Here are several useful chrome:// links that you should know, to use these chrome links, you just need to type the links in the address box.

1. chrome://dns

This link displays the list of hostnames for which the browser will prefetch the DNS records:

Some useful Chrome links

2. chrome://memory, chrome://memory-redirect

Both these links are the same, if you use "chrome://memory", it will be redirected to "chrome://memory-redirect". This will display the memory used by all the web browsers you are using, including other browsers than Chrome/ Chromium. This also display all the process related to browser with their PID, process name, and the memory it takes.

 useful Chrome links

3. chrome://net-internals

You can use this link to capture network events generated by the browser, this link displays all networking related information. There are many useful options, like DNS, Proxy, Sockets ...

Chrome links

4. chrome://sync-internals

This link shows everything about the chrome sync feature, including the Sync URL used by Google, and sync statistics.

5. chrome://quota-internals

This shows how much of disk space used by the browser.

Some useful Chromium links

6. chrome://flags

By using this link, you can enable some of the experimental features that are hidden in Chrome/ Chromium. But you will get a warning when accessing to them because they are just experimental features. Try these features at your own risk, some may work, some may cause problems.

Some very useful Chrome links

7. other links to access common features

You can use the links to access the common features in the Wrench menu as well. To access the settings menu, use:

To access the downloads page, use:

To access the bookmarks, use:

To access browsing history:

To access the add-ons page:

Note: To know about all the chrome links, you can use:

useful Chromium links

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