Underwater vehicle with a Pi brain

Underwater vehicle with a Pi brain

Seems with Raspberry Pi, creativity sees no limit. Recently, a group of National University of Singapore engineering undergraduates has created an autonomous underwater vehicle, with the help of the Pi for memory-intensive functions and Arduino for precise control. And they call it "Coconut Pi".

And sponsored by RS Components, a seller of Raspberry Pi, team Coconut Pi took third place in the Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge 2013. In this competition, the vehicle had to be able to identify and follow a black line and surface upon detecting a yellow floating ring. In order to do so, Raspberry Pi was used to control a webcam, whose function is to detect the obstacles and send the signals back to the Pi.

Of course, together with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, there are also other components that made up Coconut Pi. The vehicle is equipped with gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers, as well as pressure and flow sensors. And to make Coconut Pi waterproof, a cheap Lock&Lock was used as the cover.

After the competition, the team has no other plans for the Coconut Pi but they said they may dismantle it for future robotics projects. But anyway, its really another awesome thing create with Raspberry Pi.

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