My favorite linux terminal emulators

Although a command line isn't a necessity anymore in modern desktop Linux distributions, it is still being used very often. And with various text-based applications, you can perform a lot of tasks within the terminal, from just running some basic commands or edit some text files to more complicated tasks like irc chatting, browsing the internet or even watching media. And just like any other Linux application, there are a lot of Linux terminal emulators around to choose. I've used quite many and here is a list of my favorite Linux terminal emulators.


best linux terminal

Terminator is considered as the best Linux terminal by many users, including myself. Terminator has a lot of nice features, ie a full command line interface, the ability to split into small parts inside the main window, drag and drop re-ordering of terminals... In short, it is a very powerful terminal. If you are a typical Linux user that has to work a lot with the terminal, your life will be easier with Terminator for not only the tabs, but it also arranges those terminals in a grid, configures a ton of keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Terminator is written in Python, and it will work on any Portable Operating System Interface system with Java 5 or later so you can use Terminator on MacOS and Windows as well. The only downside of Terminator is that it isnt very lightweight. But with today's computer specs, Terminator is perhaps the best Linux terminal emulator.

Gnome terminal

This is the most popular Linux terminal since it is the terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop environment and there are a lot of Linux distros using Gnome. The big names are Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora ... The Gnome terminal has all the basic functions you may need so although Im using Terminator, Gnome terminal is still one of my favorite terminal emulators.


best linux terminal emulators

LXterminal is the second most popular terminal, just after the Gnome terminal. As the name suggests, you will find LXterminal as the default terminal of distros that are based on LXDE. Other minimalist distros like Bodhi, ArchBang ... use LXterminal as well. LXterminal is fast, lightweight, flexible and able to run in all desktop environments. 

Guake and Yakuake

linux terminal emulators

Guake for Gnome and Yakuake for KDE are the terminal emulators that adopt the the style of the Quake video game, these terminals appear by sliding down from the top of the desktop screen with a quick keystroke (F12 by default) and hiding in the background until you need it. Guake and Yakuake are perfect for when you need a terminal quickly to just run a few commands, this will surely boost your productivity when you are multitasking.


tilda linux terminal emulators

Tilda has the similar style as Guake and Yakuake, it will slide down when you hit some hot key ( F1 by default) but you have more configuration options in Tilda than in Guake. The Guake terminal is fixed in the top of the screen when with Tilda, you can choose the place for the terminal to appear. You can also edit the size of the terminal window and use some animation effects on Tilda. However, you should know that although you can change the size and the position of the terminal window, you cannot drag it around on the desktop screen like with other terminals.
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