Linux Deepin review - beautifully perfect

This weekend, I decided to install a new distro on my netbook. I saw Linux Deepin just released a new version so I gave it a try. And it was a right decision, Linux Deepin is really a perfect distro in my opinion.

Linux Deepin Review

Linux Deepin overview

Linux Deepin is based on Ubuntu ( I guess it must be Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). The ISO image of Linux Deepin 12.12 is over 1GB so you will need a DVD or a big enough USB to install it. As usual, I used Unetbootin to create a bootable USB and boot up the live version without any trouble.

Installing Linux Deepin is similar to Ubuntu or Linux Mint since it also uses the ubiquity installer. However, when you decide to install Linux Deepin, you will be asked to choose between Chinese and English since Linux Deepin is from China. It didnt take me long to get Linux Deepin installed to my netbook:

Review for Linux Deepin

Click here to download Linux Deepin 12.12

Deepin Desktop Environment

This is a new thing in Linux Deepin 12.12. I had tried Linux Deepin once last year and still recall that in the old release, the desktop looked quite dark and the panel was at the top of the screen. Now things are different, the default desktop is bright with the panel ( or dock) at the bottom of the screen.

You will love Linux Deepin if you like the look of Windows 7. You got the transparent panel with several notification applets at the right corner. At the left side are the Deepin Menu and several launcher buttons. When an application is opened, it can be previewed when hovering over the icons on the dock panel.

Compiz is enabled by default in Linux Deepin 12.12 so you will have several eyecandy effects like shadowing and aero glass, which make everything look quite similar to Windows 7. Here is how the file manager of Deepin looks:

When you click on the Deepin Menu at the very left corner of the panel ( or hit Alt + F2), the Gnome Shell launcher menu will appear, on which you can access all the available applications in your system. You can browse all applications or search by categories. And as you can see, the default icons of Linux Deepin are really beautiful, perhaps only Elementary OS can be a rival for Deepin on this.

To change the behavior of the desktop, you can open the system settings and you will have several options to customize:

And on the default desktop of Deepin, there is a User Manual. I've seen many distros include a manual for their distros, but Deepin has the most polished and organized one in my opinion. In this manual, you can find the introduction about the distro and other things like the featured applications. If you try Deepin, remember to give the manual a look.

And in Linux Deepin, even a shutdown dialog looks really cool:

So in short, all I can say about the Deepin Desktop Environment is that it looks extremely stylish and beautiful. It is also very easy to use. One thing I can complain is the position of the system menu ( for logout, shutdon) isnt very intuitive, it took me a while to realize that was the button I needed. And another thing is the lack of option to reduce the size of the launcher buttons on the dock panel. Other than that, everything else is perfect.


Deepin comes with a handful of pre-installed applications.

There are three special applications in Deepin 12.12, whose names start with the letter D.

The first one is DMusic. Im a faithful fan of the simplistic Deadbeef so I cannon give my opinion on a music player. But DMusic looks really nice IMO with a lot of features. It is also integrated into the sound setting menu:

The second featured app is DPlayer. It looks very nice and clean and doesnt consume much resource. It only eats around 40MB of RAM when running alone. It also has features like taking screenshot and convert formats. Another thing I like about DPlayer is when you minimize it to the panel, it automatically pauses the media.

The third featured app is DSnapshot, the screenshot tool of Deepin. It has a lot of features as I saw but I havent tried all. All I know is to hit Prt Sc for a common screenshot. Hit Ctrl + Alt + A and you can choose the area you want to capture. And hit Ctrl + Prt Sc to take a screenshot after a delay.

For internet use, you got Firefox and Chrome as the web browsers. Thunderbird as the mail client. Pidgin, Skype and another chat app - Iptux - for communicating. Flash is also preinstalled so you can watch youtube right out of the box:

For office work, you got the LibreOffice bundle and several other apps from Kingsoft. But there is a lack of graphic applications in Deepin, you only have the simple image viewer, no graphic editing tool is pre-installed here.

That's all the pre-installed applications in Deepin 12.12. And if you need more apps, when you can just run one or two commands in the terminal, you should try the Software Center of Deepin first. The software center of Deepin is very well designed and easy to browse around with ratings and if you want, you can rate for the apps as well:


I have nothing to complain here, everything is so far so good. Wifi works, sound works, laptop function keys work, no errors nor bugs have been found so far. The only annoyance is because I use Deepin on my netbook and dont know how to reduce the size of the panel and the launcher buttons, I have to put the panel into invisible mode to save the vertical space.

At idle, Deepin only consumes less than 200MB of RAM, which is really nice:


As I have stated in the article title, Linux Deepin is beautifully perfect. Everything is beautiful here, from the icons, the gtk theme, the wallpapers, the login dialog box .... And it is also light weight, stable and fast with several interesting applications like DMusic, DPlayer, DSnapshot. So in conclusion, if you need a beautiful, work-out-of-the-box, stable Linux distro, Deepin will be a great choice for you.

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