How to make Mint Menu always show favorite applications in Linux Mint 15 MATE

By default, the Menu in Linux Mint 15 MATE will show either the favorite applications or the applications list when you launch it up, depending on its last session. If you prefer to always see the favorite applications, you just need to do a little tweak.

Back in the older releases of Linux Mint MATE, you can just launch mateconf-editor to tweak the settings, but in Linux Mint 15, mateconf-editor is replaced by gsettings. And I really dont know how to use gsettings yet so I decided to use another tweaking tool - dconf-tools. To install dconf-tools in Linux Mint 15 MATE, just run this command:
 sudo apt-get install dconf-tools  

After dconf-tools is installed, hit Alt + F2 and type "dconf-editor", hit Enter and you will have the dconf-editor window open. On the side pane, go to com > linuxmint > mintmenu and you will see the option "start-with-favorite". Check this option and the Mint Menu will always show the favorite applications when start.

mint menu always show favorite applications in Linux Mint 15 MATE

To add more applications to the favorite section, you can browse through the applications list and right click on it to add the applications to the favorite:

One problem you may encounter is that the applications in the favorite list arent arranged in a desired order. To move the applications around in the favorite list, you will need to edit the file ~/.linuxmint/mintMenu/applications.lst. Use any text editor to open this file and you will see the list of the application launchers, just arrange these launchers in whatever order you prefer then right click on the Mint Menu and select Reload plugins to restart the Mint Menu. After that, the Mint Menu will show the favorite applications in a new order.

If you want to add customized applications ( for example, a shortcut to launch a website or an application with certain settings), you will need to create the launcher shortcuts yourself. To create a new launcher shortcut, just run the following command:
sudo mate-desktop-item-edit /usr/share/applications --create-new

A window will appear, on which you can create a new application launcher. Just give it a name, then type the command to use a web-browser to open the website url. To change the shortcut icon ( which will appear on the Mint Menu later on, just double click on the icon image and select the logo for your website shortcut). Here is an example of my shortcut to open Facebook:

Now I got a launcher for facebook at /usr/share/applications/Facebook.desktop.

To add this facebook launcher to the Favorite list of the Mint Menu, just add its path to the file ~/.linuxmint/mintMenu/applications.lst that I've talked about above.
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