Sony Smartwatch now open-sourced

Wearable gadgets have become a real trend. While the other giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are busying with their wearable gadget plans, Sony already has a smartwatch in the market. Although the small device didn’t get too much attention from the tech fans when it launched but it may get a little more  from now with Sony’s recent announcement that its smartwatch has now become open-sourced.

Sony Smartwatch

This “experimental project” is called Open SmartWatch, with the hope that it will result in a lot of innovation since the developers can create and load their alternative firmwares on it. Developers previously had the ability to only create apps for this gadget, now they’ll enjoy even greater acess. At the moment no alternative firmwares are available for Sony SmartWatch, but its only a matter of time before some developer comes out with the very first one.

However, don’t expect to find any custom firmware right now if you already own a Sony smartwatch, since the project was just announced, but it shouldn’t take too long before they begin to pop up. For the impatient fans of Sony, you can keep track of the project from the official page of the Open Smartwatch project.
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