Raspberry Pi creator won Silver Medal by the Royal Academy of Engineering

Together with a fellow from the University of Cambridge, Dr Eben Upton has been awarded Silver Medals for his technology achievements by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK.

Medal The winners of this medal must have achieved significant commercial success in their fields and be recognized for advancing the cause of engineering in the UK; a cause that is especially important to the Academy with the recent launch of its enterprise hub and engineering for growth campaign.

Dr Eben Upton with his Raspberry Pi
Dr Eben Upton is mostly known for the impressive success of Raspberry Pi, which has been sold for 1.3 million units to date. The tiny computer now is widely used in education, hobbyist, and developing world markets, and has created a huge impact on inspiring the next generation of computer scientists.

Eben Upton has worked as a software engineer at IBM and a visiting researcher at Intel as well as founding two companies, Ideaworks3D and Podfun. He holds a PhD in computer science and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Cambridge and held the post of Director of Studies in Computer Science at St John’s College, Cambridge, for three years from 2004

The other medal winner is Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon, also from the University of Cambridge. He is the principal researcher at Microsoft Research. Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon is recognized widely in the field of computer vision and his researches have huge impacts on the creative industries. He contributed his expertise to the development of Machine Learning for human motion capture – for example a core technology driving Kinect for Xbox.

Their medals will be presented at the Academy's annual awards dinner at London's Battersea Power Station on July 17. 
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