Check PiCE, a rain resistant case for Raspberry Pi

PiCE is a new case for Raspberry Pi. The project is currently raising fund on KickStarter.

What makes PiCE special is its solid design which can protect the tiny computer from many things, even the rain.

At first glimpse PiCE looks like a big removable hard drive. It looks very sturdy and solid. And since the case is made of metal, mostly Zinc, you will never have to worry about your Pi getting damaged or broken. So PiCE is perhaps a great choice for you if you carry your Raspberry Pi around frequently.
Another great thing is that under the protect of PiCE, you can play with Raspberry Pi outside, even under the rain. However, it does not mean the case is water resistant. If you soak your PiCE under water, I believe something bad will definitely happen.

PiCE can protect Raspberry Pi under rain

Just like other cases for Raspberry Pi, PiCE is designed to allow you access all the ports easily and conveniently. PiCE also has the led pipes for you to check the status of your tiny computer.

PiCE also has a great heat dissipating power. The heat from the Raspberry Pi will be dissipated through 3 columns to come out the Zinc case. This is somehow similar to the metal case of your desktop computer acting like a passive heat dissipating system.

3 columns for heat dissipation

After all, PiCE seems like a great case for Raspberry Pi. The design looks great and the silver color is awesome.

So if you are interested in PiCE, you can read more about it on KickStarter. And if you are generous, you can consider helping the project meet its fund raising goal.
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