7 new but very beautiful conky setups for your linux desktop

Saturday, September 24, 2011

If you are a Linux user, you must already know about conky, one of the coolest Linux applications. Last year, Techdrivein introduced an awesome collection of beautiful conky configurations. But since we gradually have more Linux users, new conky setups have been created everyday. So here are 7 new but amazingly beautiful conky configurations that will make your Ubuntu/Linux destop look more awesome than ever.

Reloj Conky

conky configs

It looks like a group of screenlets but it is actually conky ( means that it will consume less hardware resources than screenlets). You can choose either the horizontal version or the vertical version, both look equally amazing. You can download package and find the installing instruction for Reloj Conky here.

Good Conky

nice conky config

As what the name suggests, this conky looks really simple and nice. If you just need a simple but still geeky conky, dont miss this one. Download package and installing instruction for Good Conky

Etched Conky

conky config

This conky will fit your Ubuntu desktop very well with its vertical style. The color and design are just awesome. Download Etched Conky here

Conky Comet

conky config

The strips that display info about swap memories, ram memories, processors work and internet speeds look really like the tail of a comet. Conky Comet is simple and beautiful, and wont bring any ominous news to you. Download Conky Comet here.

Space Conky

conky config

The idea is based on the good old conky-color but the style is really new and awesomely beautiful. Download Space Conky here

Conky S1mp3l

beautiful conky config

Very simple and stylish, it is conky S1mp3l. Download it here

Conky Calendar

nice conky configs
This one is created by me so I include it in this post. But it looks not bad, isnt it? 😀 Download this conky here

Also, here is another article about conky configs that you may be interested in.